domingo, 20 de março de 2011


O metro é um optimo sítio para desenhar e experientar, os modeles são grátis e com diferentes formas e poses, normalmente tem de se ser rápido por isso é uma boa maneira de treinar o desenho rápido e de experimentar diferentes maneiras de desenhar, posso sentar-me a desenhar e ninguém quer saber.
20/3/2011 - 15 anos

The subway is a great place to draw and experiment, you have free models in all kinds of shapes and poses, you usually have to be fast so it's a great way to practice fast sketching and to experiment drawing in different ways you can sit there drawing and nobody seems to care
20/3/2011 - 15 years old

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  1. Hi Mariana-

    I love drawing people on the subway and train, too! I notice when I do a lot of them, my last drawing is a lot more accurate and skilled than my first. These are great portraits :)

  2. Hello Mariana,

    These drawings are simply fantastic. Absolutely wonderful.
    Well...I am going to have to become a Follower of your blog. You have just got yourself a fan!


  3. Thank you very much Jenna and Stew, hope you like my next posts and thank you for your support.