sábado, 26 de março de 2011

Charlie Watts

Pintura a óleo do Charlie Watts, baterista dos Rolling Stones, esta é a primeira pintura que faço a óleo, não sabia que imagem escolher por isso ponho as duas, qual perferem?
26/3/2011 - 15 anos

This is my first oil painting, a painting of Charlie Watts, the drummer from The Rolling Stones, I didn't know which picture to choose so here are both, which one do you prefer?
26/3/2011 - 15 years old


5 comentários:

  1. That's your first oil painting? Wow! It was obvious that your drawings were good, and that your English is exceptional, and it turns out you can paint really well too! Nice job. Did you enjoy doing it?

  2. Oh my, first oil painting and it's gorgeous.

  3. Está fantástica! prefiro a primeira.

  4. Hello Mariana,

    Both of these paintings are really great! I would not like to choose which was the better as I like them both the same.
    Super work.


  5. Obrigada Rosário,
    Thank you Jenna, Elza and Stew.
    To Jenna, yes i liked doing it but i prefer using a pen to sketch everyday stuff, these paintings take a lot of time and it's a bit difficult with school and everything.